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Hi! My name is Ryan Chan, I am a photographer based in San Francisco bay area. I am also willing to travel! I specialize in wedding and portraits for families, couples, maternity sessions, pets, and styled model photos. I dabble in real estate project as well, so don’t be
afraid to ask for something outside of the box!

It is more than just “capturing a moment” or being “a storyteller”. Photography is SO much more to me than that.  My personal goal is to preserve time, make memories stay put, to gaze upon a moment and feel the raw emotions rising from within that image…

All the parts of your personality that you want to stand out in a photo, the love you have for your family or significant other that you want captured forever in a timeless picture and the little details that have been swimming around in your head about your wedding day…Let Me Introduce Yourself  – Capturing your true self.


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